wfx offers fire extinguishersWet Chemicals are Class K fires.  Wet chemical fire extinguishers are used on deep fat fryer fires and fat fires.  If you are in a commercial cooking industry, this extinguisher is a must-have.  Examples would be cooking oil, grease, vegetable fat, and animal fats.

When & Where to Use

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are designed to deal with Class F fires such as grease fires resulting from chip pans or deep fat fryers. Here we will breakdown how these unique fire extinguishers work and when they should be utilized.

We at WFX Fire, Lock & Security are here to make your safety our number one priority. When it comes to safety, the first step is to be aware of the risk. The second step is having and knowing how to utilize the proper safety equipment to combat them.

Are the Chemicals Safe

A fine mist helps to cool the fire’s flames while chemicals react with the cooking fat/oil to produce a substance that creates a barrier between the flames and the oil/fuel source. These fires are extremely long-burning and at such high temperatures that they can be extremely dangerous to combat. No other fire extinguisher has any real or significant effect on a grease fire, which is what makes a wet chemical fire extinguisher so special. Wet chemical extinguishers work in an extremely unique and special fashion. Its chemical components react with the hot oil, turning it to soap through a process called saponification. This soap cannot burn, and the reaction is endothermic, meaning that it cools the surroundings. This layer of soap forms on top of the oil (fuel source), preventing further oxygen from fueling the fire. This means that the wet chemical fire extinguisher is unique in dismantling the fire tetrahedron so well by removing heat, oxygen, and fuel so that there is no possibility for a chemical reaction to take place. Wet chemical extinguishers also can have some effect on Class A fires and the lance is usually made from a non-conductive material, which makes it safe to be used near electrical equipment in the kitchen.

Who Needs Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Any commercial or residential property that has a chip pan or deep fat fryer on site should have a wet chemical fire extinguisher professionally installed. Canteens, restaurants, mobile food services, caterers, and to-go vendors should all strongly consider a wet chemical fire extinguisher. While a wet chemical fire extinguisher can be used for Class A fires there are far more useful and effective extinguishers for such fires, such as water or foam extinguishers.

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