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Emergency & Exit Lighting

Emergency and exit lighting and signs are arguably some of the most important features in your business’s safety plan. If a fire, power outage, or other disaster occurs causing a total blackout, emergency signs and lighting help guide employees and customers to safety. During a crisis, it is hard for employees to calmly navigate the stairwells and impossible for visitors unfamiliar with the building. Having efficient and working lighting in place helps reduce panic and chaos that quickly occurs.

Commercial customers in Maryland and Pennsylvania are required to conduct monthly inspections in addition to annual tests of all emergency and exit lighting systems. Installing and maintaining a working emergency and exit lighting system is not only an OSHA and life safety code requirement, it is also a responsible business choice.

Other Benefits

In addition to keeping others safe, there are several other benefits that you may experience:

Insurance Premium Discounts

Some insurance companies offer discounts for safety systems or positive safety inspection results.

Avoid Government Fines

Many municipalities and ordinances charge fines or fees to businesses not in compliance with safety requirements.

Skip the Expensive Lawsuits

Illuminating halls and stairwells with exit lighting minimizes injury and death that often lead to lawsuits later on. Showing that you took proper precautions to maintain a safe environment can also help during legal defense.

WFX Fire, Lock & Security Services

WFX Fire, Lock & Security makes complying with NFPA and OSHA requirements easy for businesses. We offer lighting options, batteries, bulbs, battery charging systems, and other necessary hardware. In addition, we provide inspection and ongoing maintenance to assure they perform effectively and improve your financial security in the event of an emergency.

Inspection Process

Our thorough inspection process includes:

  • Installation of lights with proper mounting
  • Battery testing to verify current condition
  • Verify light remains on for regulated time
  • Inspect lamps to assure lumination
  • Power outage simulatio