Commercial Installation, Maintenance & Repair in MD and PA

Businesses not only are required to have properly maintained fire extinguishers, but it can also be the difference between extinguishing a fire successfully and experiencing a full property loss. Inspecting, testing, and maintaining your fire suppression system on a semi-annual basis is critical to ensure the system’s operational readiness. Such activities are necessary to maintain system integrity and ensure the system operates as intended and installed. Regular inspections can identify missing, damaged, or obstructed devices, incorrect or damaged wiring, system additions or modifications, and trouble conditions that may exist at the special hazard suppression control panel. Any deficiencies must be resolved in order for the system to adequately protect facilities and assets while maintaining code compliance.

Some of the key components of a comprehensive inspection program for fire suppression systems include visual inspections, system testing, agent cylinder weight check, and enclosure integrity verification. Following your thorough inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report that identifies any inadequacies, while also recommending any corrective measures along with an estimated cost.

We know from experience that selecting the correct fire suppression system for your organization can quickly become overwhelming, from knowing why you need one, to which specific type of system is required and choosing a reliable, skilled, and honest company to design, install, and maintain it. These are the very reasons why we’ve put together a brief outline of the types of systems available.

Kitchen Fire Suppression – Chemical Foam 

Kitchen fire suppression systems are specifically designed for commercial kitchens. Nozzles are placed under the cooker canopies and will propel a water-based fire extinguishing agent with a chemical foam type mix over the hazard area. The trigger is typically a heat link or a manual pull station.

Industrial and Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems

Industrial and special hazard fire suppression systems such as auto spray booths, open-faced spray booths, chemical storage areas, and other special hazards are protected by industrial fire suppression systems. These dry chemical-based systems are pre-engineered and customized for your specific application. Their presence ensures the necessary fire protection without interfering with work operations. Systems will automatically detect a fire and activate and also include means for manual activation. WFX Fire, Lock & Security is certified to install a full range of dry chemical, gaseous, and foam extinguishing fire suppression systems.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

These are gas systems stored as a liquid, with nitrogen used to pressurize it. When released the FM200 chemical agent has a chemical reaction with the fire and extinguishes it. This type of fire suppression system is typically best utilized in data rooms, switch rooms, or communication rooms. It is also important to understand that a clean agent fire suppression system causes no reduction of oxygen and therefore safe for humans upon discharge.

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