Many businesses in Maryland and Pennsylvania rely on costly electrical, technology, kitchen, or manufacturing equipment to be successful. Being forced to replace these items or temporarily shut down is not something many are financially prepared to handle. It is even more devastating when there are steps you can take to protect your most valuable assets from fire destruction. In the U.S. fire suppression systems are governed by the codes under the National Fire Protection Association. Suppression systems have become a necessity in several industries as a means to help mitigate the risk of damage and loss to equipment.

What is a Restaurant Hood Suppression System?

Kitchen fire suppression systems can be specifically designed to protect a wide variety of commercial and residential kitchen appliances, such as stove tops, deep-fat fryers, pizza ovens, and more. The fire suppression system is installed with nozzles in the kitchen hood exhaust. This allows the wet chemicals to be discharged directly over and onto the source of the fire. Restaurant Hood Suppression Systems are designed to automatically activate and minimize damage to one of your most precious assets – your kitchen. These systems can be expanded and modified as kitchen needs and layout changes.

restaurant hood fire safety

Why You Need a Restaurant Hood Suppression System

Fire damage to your commercial equipment or property can be detrimental to your financial well-being and reputation. Installing and maintaining a quality system improves your reaction time when a fire occurs even during off-hours. Since fire compression systems are automated, it is easier for a fire to be contained and less likely it will spread to other areas in your building which decreases the following:

  • Extensive Property Damage
  • Total Building Destruction
  • Fire-Related Injuries or Deaths
  • Failure to Meet Customer Demands
  • Permanent Business Closure

Installing Restaurant Hood Suppression Systems

Fire suppression is a critical component of any good fire prevention program. Installing a fire suppression system may sound costly or time-consuming. Most installations only require one business day. When you compare the benefits above to actual costs and time-invested, you will find it is an affordable solution.

WFX Fire, Lock & Security, works with a variety of fire suppression system manufacturers including Ansul, Amerex, Kidde Fire Systems, and more to deliver quality systems our customers can count on when it matters most. We take a 360-degree approach to deliver a customized fire prevention solution that includes pre-engineered fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, and a maintenance/inspection plan. Our qualified and professional fire protection technicians will work directly with you to design, install, modify, repair, service, test, and inspect your restaurant or “kitchen” fire suppression system.

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