The local locksmith Taneytown MD specialists are often called for the typical lock and key services that our team is happy to provide, but what many do not know are many other services a trusted locksmith company can offer.

If you have never given it a second thought, you are not alone. We at WFX Fire, Lock, Security Services are all around contractors that offer the following services, and more:

Installation Of High-Security Locks

Most residential areas tend to rely too much on simple and average locks that can be bought at your local hardware. Although these locks do offer some level of protection, they are actually very easy to break into. Trained security experts and locksmiths can easily install additional high-security locks that range from your trusty, high-quality deadbolts to state of the art keyless entry systems.

The goal of high-security locks is to prevent intruders from gaining access to the home via the front and back doors by making it hard to break through the locks.

Customized Locks

Locks and security aren’t just useful for external doors, a locksmith can also help homeowners protect their valuables from the inside. Rooms and home offices can be equipped with locks or a secured filing cabinet where sensitive documents such as bank statements, wills, and passports can be stored for safekeeping.

Installation Of High-Security Alarm Systems

We at WFX Fire, Lock, Security Services also offer customers the chance to enhance their current security systems at home. Everything from CCTV cameras, motion detectors, and other additional security measures can be installed on your property for additional protection and peace of mind.

Lock And Key Replacement Services

Yes, it is important to change the locks and keys at your home regularly. This is especially important for property managers that handle tenants that come and go. Replacing the lock and key can also protect families when a former resident has just left the home or if you have recently lost a copy of the keys and can no longer locate them.

You’ll never know who has a copy of the current keys so it is better to get the keys and locks replaced by a trusted locksmith.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Of course, there are days where we find ourselves locked out of our own home or car and there is no other way to enter the premises. During these times, it is always best to contact a locksmith for assistance. Emergency services are usually open 24 hours and a professional will be dispatched to your location as soon as possible.

Baltimore’s Trusted Locksmith Experts

Residents of Westminster and the surrounding Baltimore area who wish to upgrade their current security system or are in need of other locksmith services should give our team a call at (410) 848-3044 for Westminster or at (410) 876-9688 for the rest of Baltimore. For those who want to know more about the locksmith Taneytown MD professionals, visit our official website at and drop up a message for inquiries.