School systems and other large facilities require complex systems that need regular maintenance for maximum performance. Your doors, for example, do more than welcome people in, they keep unwanted intruders out! You may not think much about “door maintenance”, but it is just as important as fire system maintenance. Our Locksmith and Commercial Door Preventative Maintenance Program saves you money if something does go wrong with your doors, locks or systems.

Why Regular Maintenance is Important

Preventative maintenance allows you to keep your commercial doors in top performance at all times.  One of the benefits of preventative maintenance is that is can reduce long-term costs by reducing downtime and breakdowns of your commercial doors.  While investing upfront is required for the maintenance, it is very affordable and can save you money down the road if you have a major breakdown.  Regular maintenance will save you time and money and get more years for your commercial doors.

WFX Services Commercial Properties in MD & PA

WFX serves many counties in PA and MD.  Please contact us to speak to one of our representatives about your needs.

preventative maintenance on commercial locks