Applications such as auto spray booths, open-faced spray booths, chemical storage areas and special hazards are protected by industrial fire suppression systems.  These dry chemical based systems are pre-engineered and customized for your specific application.  Their presence ensures the necessary fire protection without interfering with work operations.

Systems will automatically detect a fire and activate and also include means for manual activation.

Industrial and special hazard suppression systems

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

WFX is an authorized installer and service agent for several leading manufacturers of dry chemical fire suppression systems. These systems use the newest technology with dry chemical agents and system components and suppress a fire by providing both rapid suppression and protection against fire re-ignition.

Dry Chemical Suppression System Maintanence

Dry chemical fire suppression systems are required to receive maintenance by qualified personnel at least semi-annually in accordance with the NFPA and manufacturers requirements. Dry chemical system cylinders must receive a 6-year internal maintenance and 12-year hydrostatic test.  We service Maryland, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

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