Clean Agent is effective on Class B and C fires typically petrol, oil, propane, butane etc. Clean agent extinguishers act to extinguish a fire by smothering it without damaging delicate electronic equipment external to the fire or leaving a residue.

Primary Uses & Benefits

Clean agent fire extinguishers are designed for the protection of commercial and industrial facilities that typically contain sensitive equipment, electronic data or materials that could be damaged or destroyed by conventional agents.  Clean agents  are one of the most low-maintenance fire suppression systems in the field.

Portable Fire Extinguisher

Unlike dry chemical fire extinguisher, these portable extinguishers leave no residue whatsoever.  The fire-suppressant agent is a non-conductor of electrical current. This Provides ideal extinguishment capabilities for flammable fluids including gasoline and diesel fuel.  Clean agent extinguisher would also be fully effective on boats with kitchens.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

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