A safe is a secure way to store valuable documents, photographs and personal items of great sentiment or monetary worth. Most modern safes are constructed from steel. They are highly effective at deterring theft and preventing damage. Some safes go beyond providing a locked storage unit and can even protect stored items from fires, floods and other natural disasters.

There are several different types of safes available. Each has unique features that make it perfect for specific uses. The type of safe chosen depends upon the items it is meant to contain and the level of security needed. Some safes are highly discreet and practically hidden from view while others can be featured as a beautiful design element for the room it is placed in. Take a look at four of the main types of safes and the purpose they each serve.

Personal Safe

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Gun Safes

A gun safe is meant to safely store ammunition and firearms. Current versions of gun safes are more secure than those in the past that were made from wood and had a glass front to display the guns inside. While it is still possible to find a gun safe that can be used as a display, most are constructed with a solid door.

The main purpose of a gun safe is to keep the firearms out of the hands of unauthorized handlers, such as minors and anyone who is untrained in gun safety. The safe itself is protected from being accessed by a digital or combination lock, or even a fingerprint identification panel. Another valuable function of a gun safe is that it promotes the ideal storage environment to keep out harmful moisture that can damage the quality and function of a gun.

Gun safes can be strictly functional or embellished with various materials, carvings or designs for greater aesthetic appeal. They come in various sizes that are capable of housing anything from a single firearm to an entire collection.

Furniture Safes

If there is one main drawback to having a safe, it is that its very presence alerts unwanted eyes to the fact that there is something valuable being contained within its walls. A furniture safe can rectify this problem, as the secure storage unit is hidden from plain sight by being incorporated into the design of a piece of furniture or the room itself.

Some of the clever ways that safes can be constructed in furniture include:

  • A shelf that has a trapdoor
  • A filing cabinet or hollow bench
  • Hidden compartments in tables or nightstands

Furniture safes can be used as convenient hiding places for items that you don’t want to draw attention to. They blend into the room without alerting an intruder to the location of precious valuables. Opt for a small secret compartment or a whole piece of furniture for greater storage capacity. This type of safe is also a wonderful way to include the desired secure storage without detracting from the decor of a room.

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Office and Commercial Safes

One of the best-known types of safes is the standard, functional kind used in offices or corporations. These usually have a more simplistic design, as they are used primarily for security and not visual appeal.

Smaller versions can be placed in individual offices, or even in the home, to hold important documents, hard copies of essential business data and sums of cash. The convenience of having a safe nearby means that the necessary personnel can easily access the materials or money that they need or the safe can be utilized as a cash drop to hold money accumulated from sales until it can be deposited in the bank.

Larger safes can be purchased for commercial use. These types are usually constructed in a way that makes them even harder to damage or break into than normal safes. They are able to withstand most attacks from a burglar and even a natural disaster. Many are built to be highly fire-resistant, making them the perfect option for a business to store money and documents that are irreplaceable.

Vault Door Safes

Most safes are designed to be free-standing. They are portable and can be moved to another location fairly easily. A vault safe, however, is built into the room, so the location must be carefully considered.

Vault door safes come in many different sizes. Small ones can be built into a wall. This offers easy and comfortable access. If secrecy is preferred, the door can be hidden from view by strategically hanging a painting or other element of room decor. Vaults can also be as large as an entire room. These types offer walk-in access to hold a large number of belongings. These are perfect for keeping all valuable items in one secure location. A vault door safe may be used to hold a family’s possessions, or it can be the perfect option for a business or large corporation.

Vaults are easy to use and can be very stylish, complementing the aesthetic of a room. They offer superior protection for all valuables from theft and even fire. Larger vaults may also be used as a panic room for personal safety.

Purchasing a safe is a smart option to protect your property and keep it in great condition. With so many options and styles to choose from, there is a safe that will work for any purpose.

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