Fires aren’t just stories you read about in the news. They happen every day to real people and real businesses who stand the chance of losing all they have built. To some, fire extinguishers are merely that iconic–but often dusty and old–red can that hangs on the wall with no purpose other than to look symbolically “up-to-code”. The reality is far different. Protecting your business or home from any fire starts with making sure you have the best fire extinguisher in place and that it is 100% operational. The bottom line is that Fire Extinguishers are essential safety tools that can minimize property damage and save lives.

94% of the time fire extinguishers are used, fires are successfully extinguished in less than two minutes.


High Quality Extinguishers & Installation

Not only are businesses required to have, and properly maintain a fire extinguisher, a fully operational fire extinguisher can mean the difference between putting a fire out or experiencing a full property loss. It is important to know NOT every fire extinguisher offers the same quality or benefits, even if they look the same. Brand reputation, replacement parts costs, ratings and longevity of the unit are all important factors in choosing the best extinguisher for you. Proper placement and installation adds to your overall safety as well as compliance with NFPA and OSHA guidelines. Call WFX and ensure your business is properly protected in the event of a fire!

  • All common sizes and types of fire extinguisher are in stock and available for commercial, industrial, mobile and residential applications.
  • All new units sold by WFX include a 1-year valid service tag, 5- or 6- year warranty and mounting bracket.
  • Professional installation onsite by WFX staff ensures proper mounting, proper height and placement to comply with applicable codes and regulations.
  • All fire extinguishers also available for retail purchase at any WFX location.
fire extinguisher

WFX Fire Safety Commitment

Are you willing to risk your business and your employees, by having outdated fire systems? The answer is obviously “no” and yet many business owners put the very safety of their business at the bottom of their list. The experienced staff at WFX helps businesses just like yours understand and mitigate their fire risks. With more than 40 years of experience and a multi-generational commitment to Pennsylvania and Maryland businesses, you can be sure WFX has your back and your business–when it comes to fire safety.

At WFX, our fire experts put their knowledge and experience to work for you, by helping you choose the best fire extinguisher for your business.  Don’t risk your business and the lives of your staff! Call or email WFX today!

Inspection & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to ensuring that the unit will work properly in an emergency and meet local codes. WFX provides our customers with all levels of maintenance in order to keep fire extinguishers in proper working order, as defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Rather than use disposable equipment, we recommend refilling and recharging, along with internal maintenance and hydrostatic testing of existing fire extinguishers. This approach reduces costs and is less wasteful. For your convenience, all levels of inspection, maintenance or refilling are able to be performed onsite at your business by a WFX employee.

Service and Warranty

All new units sold by WFX include a one-year valid service tag, five- or six- year warranty and professional installation by WFX staff. This ensures proper mounting, proper height and placement and compliance with applicable codes and regulations.

All fire extinguishers are available for retail purchase at any WFX location!

Types of Fires and Corresponding Extinguishers

The right fire extinguisher can mean the difference between life and death, or a “fire incident” and a total loss! There are five different types of fire, and they require different fire extinguishers.

The five classes of fires are:

  • Class A: freely burning, combustible solid materials such as wood, paper, cloth, etc.
  • Class B: Flammable liquid or gas, grease, oil, etc.
  • Class C: Energized electrical fire (energized electrical source serves as the igniter of a Class A or B fire – if the electrical source is removed, it is no longer a Class C fire).
  • Class D: Metallic fire (titanium, zirconium, magnesium, sodium).
  • Class K: Cooking fires – animal or vegetable oils and fats.


The most popular fire extinguisher agent is ABC multipurpose dry chemical. This agent can be safely used on Types A, B, and C fires.

ABC Dry Chemical:

BC Dry Chemical

This agent can be safely used on Types B and C fires and is more easily cleaned up. Specialized Industrial and applications with exposure to aircraft often require this type of chemical.

Purple K Dry Chemical (PK)

This agent can be safely used on Types B and C fires and is ideal for flammable liquid fires.

Type D fires that occur from combustible metals require this type of agent. There are two types of Class D agents for different applications.

Dry Powder class-d

This can be safely used on Class B and C fires and is often used in industrial applications such as electrical components and motors with no powder or residue left behind.

Carbon Dioxide (Co2) class-b-c

These extinguishers are for Type A fires only and can be used in paper and wood storage areas.

water class-a

Type A or A:B protection is provided by this type unit. Alcohol resistant foam is a necessity for protection against polar solvents and ethanol fuels.

Primarily for Type A fires, but can also be used to manage Type C fires. This combination rating is often helpful in unique manufacturing applications.

Depending on the size of the unit an ABC coverage is achievable. These agents are ideal for server rooms, museums and other sensitive areas.

Clean Agent class-b-c-1

Commercial cooking applications are required to have this type fire extinguisher to work in conjunction with the fire suppression system.

Wet Chemical (Class K)